Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson


The Hip-Hop Cnurch


The Hip-Hop Church
Connecting with the Movement Shaping our Culture

By Efrem Smith and Phil Jackson

Like the culture it rises from, the hip-hop church is relevant and bold -- and it speaks to the heart.

Phil and his bride Kim have been married since the summer of 1985. They have three fantastic children and live in Chicago.

Phil is the founder and lead pastor of the House Covenant Church (The House)—Chicago’s first Christ-centered, hip-hop worship service reaching people every Saturday. He also serves as an associate pastor for Lawndale Community Church (LCC) on the west side of Chicago. For more than two decades, Phil has served God full-time on the front lines of urban youth ministry. The House has been featured on BET, Fox News Chicago, MSNBC Nightly News, PBS, WGN, Jet (2006), Ebony (2010), Campus Life (2005), The New York Times, and The Chicago Sun-Times.

Phil is co-author of the book The Hip-Hop Church (InterVarsity Press, 2006) which is in its fifth edition. His writing is published in theological journals and in several magazines each month—including Gospel Today—and he has also contributed chapters and articles in several books relating to youth ministry. In addition, he is a contributing author and editor for the Urban Devotional Bible (Crossway Publishing, 2008) and a contributing writer for A Heart for the Community: New Models for Urban and Suburban Ministry (Moody Press, 2009).

Phil founded The House Development Corporation (HDC) to purchase and convert an abandoned firehouse into The Firehouse Community Arts Center (FCAC). In partnership with LCC and The House, the former Chicago fire station currently serves as an important venue for providing hands-on cultural programming and training.

Phil has his Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity International University in communication and is currently a John Perkins scholar at Northern Theological Seminary, pursuing a Master of Divinity degree with an emphasis in Christian community development.

Areas of Expertise

  • Youth empowerment and faith
  • Kingdom of God
  • Evangelism
  • Social justice
  • Hip Hop
  • The arts for the Kingdom or social impact

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